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[Condor-users] Condor Simulation Tool

Is there any plan do add a simulation tool for condor rules? Like who get's what? and when? and how much? in different scenarios?

So for ex. If I have X slots, Y Jobs, Z users, Y/Z job per user, A ranks, different preemption rules, different groups etc.. etc.. what will happen if One machine goes down. How it will impact the cluster performance? so maybe if I will just change a simple rule, or parameter, disable or enable some feature, this will cause to improve the system performance so dramatic, so I will truly consider to change the configuration?

This can truly tell what the user will get in a specific scenario, so you don't have to test it and analyse the results later. 

This system is so flexible (and this is what I like about her), but them it makes hard to know what will happen if and if, so only after a lot of tweaking and reverse engineering you get to your wishful result.