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Re: [Condor-users] MPI Parallel submission in v7.6.2

> I'm also getting issues with user priority during parallel MPI jobs that
> didn't come up before. Is the <none> user supposed to be there? It
> doesn't ring a bell from any previous ncarnations of condor. Possibly
> related to the above issue...

A new feature "Hierarchical Accounting Groups" was introduced recently:
one impact of that change is that the Accountant reports statistics for
accounting groups, including "<none>", which is the root group in the
hierarchy, and always exists (even if no specific accounting groups were
configured by the condor admin).  It was named "<none>" because it is
also the group that is used for any job that has no group of its own.

One other recent feature that may be relevant for you is that the
dedicated scheduler can now run with partitionable slots.