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[Condor-users] uninstall/install condor


I'm a new user experimenting with condor.  I'm working to install it on a pool of Ubuntu machines. I have the latest version of Ubuntu on my machines.  I installed condor using:

sudo apt-get install condor

But, I've noticed that this installs an old release of condor (7.4.2).  I'd like to work with the latest release if possible.  I've looked around but haven't found clear instructions on how to uninstall condor.  How do I uninstall version 7.4.2 (so my machine is "as good as new")? I don't have any jobs running etc.  I'd just like to ensure that I'm using the latest version and that the old install doesn't effect the new install.  

Which of the many packages listed at:


Should I use?  I have both 32 and 64 bit machines planned for the pool.  I am guessing that it should be:

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