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[Condor-users] Machines don't join pool on reboot. Invalid IP in StartLog.

Something seems to be really wrong with the Windows condor service when started by a boot-up on XP-64?


When I reboot some Windows machines they never show up in the pool. StartLogs talk about failing to connect to "" or "". There has never ever been a 169 address on this physically separate LAN. The only machines mentioned in the configs are absolutely valid.


If I manually kill condor_master and all the condor processes (the stop condor service hangs for some reason) and then start the condor service, everything works fine. Reboot the machine, then once again the weird 169.* IP error and the machine never joins the pool.


What could be going on? Is this a bug that has been fixed in 7.6.3? I'm running 7.6.2.