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Re: [Condor-users] Job requirements not satisfied even when Requirements = TRUE

Hi Garrett:

On Thu, 2011-09-01 at 02:45 +0000, Koller, Garrett wrote:
> Mr. Cafaro,
> I'm confused.  I thought the problem was that the job kept being
> rejected with the error "Job requirements not satisfied."  

While I will not speak for Mark, I can speak for the issues that I have
encountered (which appears to be at least superficially similar). Yes,
the error you quoted is correct. To be clear -

This happens after a successful negotiation and match with an available
startd (i.e. the job requirements and machine start expression class ads
match). The second requirements check, which happens on the execute
machine, fails with "Job requirements not satisfied" (the error shows up
in the startd log without ever spawning a starter) - this is not a
negotiator error, so a condor_q -analyze would not help.

> If that is so, how could it be matched in the MatchLog?  Was it just
> considered in the MatchLog or was it actually assigned to a specific
> slot on a specific computer?  If the MatchLog says it found a proper
> match and actually assigned it to that computer, check out
> http://servo.cs.wlu.edu/dokuwiki/doku.php/condor/submit/troubleshoot
> for a possible reason and solution to this problem.

The machines are matched correctly, but the initial execution of the job
executable by the starter never occurs, so I don't believe the
information in this page is relevant to this issue. Thanks for the
suggestion in any case - this clarification would likely be important to
any condor developers looking at this issue.