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Re: [Condor-users] When is machine RANK evaluated? Was: Rank expressions not evaluated

Hi Todd

On Tuesday 28 June 2011 17:59:20 Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
> Unfortunately, looking at the source code, it looks like the negotiator
> has a subtle bug starting back in v7.3.1 (with the introduction of
> ResourceWeights) that could explain the wrong behavior in Carsten's log
> below.  Carsten, I think you understand correctly what should be
> happening - i.e. in your example user B should get the machine no matter
> what the user priorities are.

Cool, I think it's good news that this is identified!

> We are working to confirm/reproduce the problem to make sure our reading
> of the source code is correct, and assuming the problem is as real as it
> appears, a patch for the condor_negotiator in v7.6.2.

Would it be possible to get access to a pre-release binary (Debian Lenny if 
possible) for our small test cluster?

Thanks a lot in advance!