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[Condor-users] at long last... condor_web_portal beta version

hi all,

lots of people requested a link to the pre-release of the web portal i have,
so i'll just post it to everyone in case you are interested.  there's plenty of
room for improvement but you can get a general feel for it with this version.

ultimately this will end up in the Condor Contrib section, but for now you can
find a beta version here:


you can untar it into a running apache/php served directory and it should work.
there is also a README file with some simple instructions.

i'm working with the VDT packaging team here at the UW to eventually make a
more user-friendly install.  if you encounter any problems with it, or have
any other feedback i'd be happy to hear it, good and bad alike.  feel free
to email me offlist.