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Re: [Condor-users] Matlab job without compile

wanyan wrote:

I want to run matlab jobs but i don't want to compile  it!
but it cannot run.
the batfile(matlab job run) can run with click it but cannot run when condor sent. (the all PC have the matlab licence alone) Any suggestion?

Some random thoughts:

- Can you run Matlab from the command prompt?

- Most common issue: add the following to your submit description file -
    getenv = True
This will start the job w/ the same set of environment variables you have at the command prompt.

- Is the "batfile" you mention something you wrote? Does it rely on files on a shared filesystem that are not accessible by the generic condor run account?

Hope the above helps. If not, try posting more information to the list, such as a copy of your submit description file and/or your .bat file.