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Re: [Condor-users] Matlab job without compile

to Todd
thanks your advice
 copy of your submit description file and/or your .bat file. is ↓

 I try it with matlab standalone and it is OK .
 but  when I run with matlab script (sample1 ) it cannot run at romote PC.,
 (the process matlab.exe is start but cannot run [idle]
and the click matlab.exe restart run is OK.)

Sample 1:

submit file (cp.sub)
universe	= vanilla
executable	= cp1.bat
initialdir	= C:\user\CondorMatlab
log 		= matlabtest.log
error		= matlabtest.err
input         = CondorMatlabTest.m
getenv		= true
requirements = (NAME == "slot1@remotePC")

cd "C:\PROGRA~1\MATLAB\R2007b\bin\win32"
matlab.exe  -r  "CondorMatlabTest"

 Thanks in advance

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wanyan wrote:
> I want to run matlab jobs but i don't want to compile  it! but it
> cannot run. the batfile(matlab job run) can run with click it but
> cannot run when condor sent.
> (the all PC have the matlab licence alone)
> Any suggestion?

Some random thoughts:

- Can you run Matlab from the command prompt?

- Most common issue: add the following to your submit description file -
     getenv = True
This will start the job w/ the same set of environment variables you
have at the command prompt.

- Is the "batfile" you mention something you wrote? Does it rely on
files on a shared filesystem that are not accessible by the generic
condor run account?

Hope the above helps. If not, try posting more information to the list,
such as a copy of your submit description file and/or your .bat file.


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