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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Ubuntu

2011/5/18 Gerrit Garbereder <Garbereder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hey folks,
> I'Ve installed a condor master on my Ubuntu machine. It works very
> well, but I've some trouble with the init script. When I want to start
> the master via init script I get an error that says "FATAL: Required
> directory /var/run/condor does not exist, or is not a directory.". My

If you installed from the .deb package, it's broken. When you get that
sorted out, you end up trying to fix other problems. See the archive
of this list...

Installing from the tar.gz works better but there is another
repository that I discovered only a few days ago:


It has also e.g prepackaged version of chirp file system tools. I'll
give them a try probably next week. Note that they have Condor only
for Maverick (10.10) because that's the first release having Globus.
The authors will consider making a backport to 10.04 LTS without the
Globus support.

Browsing quickly through the package contents, they ship also a nice
Debian-style startup script....

Good luck,