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[Condor-users] "job disconnected" after being deleted

Why does the below happen and how could I fix it? This is all cut out of the job.log for this dag job. You can see that it says it's being removed but then it is still trying to contact it. Is this because of the "-forcex"??



000 (18983511.000.000) 05/26 01:57:08 Job submitted from host: <>
    DAG Node: Section_103

001 (18983511.000.000) 05/26 06:15:06 Job executing on host: <>

009 (18983511.000.000) 05/26 10:11:49 Job was aborted by the user.
        via condor_rm -forcex (by user sforza)

022 (18983511.000.000) 05/26 10:12:40 Job disconnected, attempting to reconnect
    Socket between submit and execute hosts closed unexpectedly
Trying to reconnect to glidein_7730@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <>