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Re: [Condor-users] custom machine ad attributes

>>> I need to steer jobs to a machine with a local service running (ostore). I
>>> put the following in the condor_config.local of the machine with this
>>> I put this in the submit file for a job that requires OSTORE service:
>>> requirements = (OSTORE_CAPABLE =?= True)
>>> When I submit the job it goes idle and condor_q -analyze reports: Condition
>>> Machines Matched    Suggestion 1   ( target.OSTORE_CAPABLE is true ) 10
>>> REMOVE 2   ( TARGET.HasWindowsRunAsOwner&&  ( TARGET.LocalCredd is "Nurse"
>>> )) ...  Conflicts: conditions: 1, 2
>>> I don't understand what this means or what I have done wrong. condor_q says
>>> 10 slots match the OSTORE_CAPABLE condition, which is as expected. I don't
>>> know why it's complaining about condition 2, because the runasowner stuff
>>> is working fine for everything else.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> The complaint is probably that the 10 OSTORE_CAPABLE nodes do not have the
>> runasowner stuff. You can explore with: condor_status -const
>> 'OSTORE_CAPABLE=?=True' -format "%s\t" Name -format "RAO: %s\t"
>> HasWindowsRunAsOwner -format "Credd: %s\n" LocalCredd
>condor_status says all the machines are properly configured with
>HasWindowsRunAsOwner, with the credd running on Nurse (the master).
>condor_status says no machines are 'OSTORE_CAPABLE=?=True', even though
>condor_q -analyze says 10 slots (the slots on Nurse) match that term.
>"condor_config_val -name nurse OSTORE_CAPABLE" reports true.
>What have I done wrong in STARTD_ATTRS configuration on Nurse? This must be
>some configuration or syntax oversight.

I moved the OSTORE_CAPABLE settings (and the ostore service) from the master to
another machine and everything works fine. No idea what's wrong with doing it
on the master.