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Re: [Condor-users] Are "optional machine-specific local config files" executable

On 2011-10-02, at 5:53 PM, Kevin.Buckley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>>> What I am hoping for is that, on windows, putting a .BAT file in
>>> the optional config directory would be the equivalent of doing
>>> something like
>>> LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE       = $(LOCAL_DIR)/etc/vuwconfig.bat|
>>> with the pipe indicating that you want a dynamic/executable
>>> config, for the complete local configuration.
>> Yes. But it's the pipe at the end of that line that tells Condor to
>> run the script to get configuration output, not the executable bit
> Indeed, hence my asking if the move to the optional directory
> might have changed things now that Condor would be traversing
> a directory listing not just taking a single file with a pipe
> on the end.
> I assume you can't put a pipe symbol on the end of, say
> and have Condor execute all the .BAT files in there ?

Ah. Misunderstood that.

Correct. It won't execute files in the directory, just read them.

But you could write a script that reads and executes all the files in a directory and make that your LOCAL_CONFIG file with a pipe at the end.

- Ian