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Re: [Condor-users] Are "optional machine-specific local config files" executable

> But you could write a script that reads and executes all the files in a
> directory and make that your LOCAL_CONFIG file with a pipe at the end.
> Regards,
> - Ian

Hmmm, not sure what you gain there, except for removing the need to
have to replicate the "normal" Condor config, that would be in the
files in the directory, within the output from the executable script
itself, and besides, you could have done that before Condor adopted
the notion of having a LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR and not just the older

I guess the issue for me is that you still have to make a change
to the "as distributed" Condor config files somewhere, as opposed
to simply outting a file in a known location and having the default
config do the "right thing".

Ta for the feedback though, adding this confirmation to Ziliang Guo's
note in the related thread about packaging should let me just present
our central guys with a "solution" they can just roll out, which is
where I wanted to go.

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