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Re: [Condor-users] Modifying Condor's MSI distribution

The main reasoning behind those choices was that if you are joining a pool, you just need to point to the central manager.  The collector name is only looked at by the collector and is a bookkeeping thing for us humans.  It's mostly irrelevant as far as the pool itself is concerned.  So unless you are doing a reinstall of the central manager, at which point you're basically rebuilding the pool anyway, there's no point in setting the collector/pool name.  The POOLNAME is COLLECTOR_NAME.  The weird convention is due to the old MSI installer having that convention, so blame whoever first wrote it.  We kept the naming convention intact in the new MSI installer in case people had unattended install scripts that relied on the old names.

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 6:33 PM, <Kevin.Buckley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On the 7.6.3 interactive install dialog:

New or Existing Condor Pool

if joining an existing pool, you are only asked for the:

Hostname of Central Manager

and the automated install script notes in Section
of the 7.6.3 manual suggest that you can supply:

   defines the host name of the pool's central manager.


   sets the name of the pool, if a new pool is to be created.
    Possible values are either the name or the empty string "".

Setting both for an existing pool would seem to be more complete,
as an existing pool is likely to have a "poolname", no ?

Furthermore is the "POOLNAME" value, supplied to the config file


Obviously, armed with Ziliang Guo's excellent insight, I am now
aware that things can be set ahead of an install by modifying
the .generic file but, as noted above, I feel the interactive
installtion could/should allow for setting the POOLNAME/COLLECTOR_NAME
for an existing pool.

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