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[Condor-users] Condor and the Green Agenda

How are other public institutions (e.g. universities) reacting to the
Green Agenda? In the UK we are obliged by the government to reduce energy
consumption, in other parts of the world it might just be seen as a 'good

We run a reasonable size Condor Pool: ~ 2500 processor cores at the
moment, based on student teaching clusters around the campus. We are
experimenting with wake-on-LAN, as supported by Condor. There are some
issues, for example, our Network Unit don't like WOL packets flying around
between buildings.

I believe that some UK universities:
- don't turn PCs on for Condor use (but only use ones that are already
on); or
- are running Condor (or similar HTC) on "big iron" rather than PC

I would welcome comments on how _you_ are reacting to the Green agenda.

Ian Cottam
IT Services for Research
Faculty of EPS
The University of Manchester