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[Condor-users] 64-bit Windows binaries?

Does anyone have, or are there any plans to produce, a native 64-bit binary build for Windows?


We’ve been having “random problems” running the 32-bit Condor binaries on 64-bit Windows OS’s. I’ve recently seen some discussions regarding other 32-bit applications that have similar problems and they have been attributed to bugs in the 32-bit “Windows on Windows” emulation.


To quote someone else: “ Combing forums, we believe the culprit to be bugs in Microsoft WoW (Windows on Windows for 32-bit emulation on 64-bit OS) where preemptive threading is not handled well. Problems included hangs, zombie processes, and file system failures. The problems occur a bit more frequently on Vista and 7 than on XP we think due to different memory allocation methods, but the problems can be seen on all 64-bit Windows versions.”


This describes what we are seeing pretty well.


So, native 64-bit binaries anyone?



Bob Mortensen