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Re: [Condor-users] condor username (first-name.last-name) conflict with group name - or what?

> So something like:
> +AccountingGroup="group_vcs.sassy.natan" or

> will cause condor to "think" that there is wrong group hierarchy like:
> group name vcs, subgroup name sassy and a user name natan...
> Can someone drop a comment on this?

Sassy, your suspicion is correct:  if you try to append a user name with
a dot in it like 'group_vcs.sassy.natan' the negotiator and accountant
will interpret that as group 'group_vcs.sassy' and user 'natan'

The accountant should attempt to "do its best" and map to the
most-specific possible parent group, which means it ought to use
"group_vcs" with a warning that "sassy" is not a valid subgroup in the
negotiator log.

As it happens, the user name applied in '+AccountingGroup' is arbitrary:
it can be any value (as long as it does not include '.') and does not
have to be the same as your actual user account/login name.

So, you could use something like
"+AccountingGroup="group_vcs.sassy_natan" to avoid the problem.

Your experience does raise some possible RFEs that have been previously
1) Supporting a separate delimiter character between the group name and
the user name
2) Allowing an admin to require the user name in the accounting group to
match the user name of the account the associated job was submitted