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Re: [Condor-users] condor username (first-name.last-name) conflict with group name - or what?


Thanks :-)

My problem is the all my users are in that form of firstname.lastname
and I can't do anything about this.

Is there any workaround solution? Like manual mapping user X to Y so
sassy.natan will translate into sassy_natan?

The only idea at the moment I have is maybe to use gridway or
CycleServer as the submitter tool......

P.S can u point me to the RFEs? (gogggggle it and found nothing)


On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 7:48 AM, Erik Erlandson <eje@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So something like:
>> +AccountingGroup="group_vcs.sassy.natan" or
>> will cause condor to "think" that there is wrong group hierarchy like:
>> group name vcs, subgroup name sassy and a user name natan...
>> Can someone drop a comment on this?
> Sassy, your suspicion is correct:  if you try to append a user name with
> a dot in it like 'group_vcs.sassy.natan' the negotiator and accountant
> will interpret that as group 'group_vcs.sassy' and user 'natan'
> The accountant should attempt to "do its best" and map to the
> most-specific possible parent group, which means it ought to use
> "group_vcs" with a warning that "sassy" is not a valid subgroup in the
> negotiator log.
> As it happens, the user name applied in '+AccountingGroup' is arbitrary:
> it can be any value (as long as it does not include '.') and does not
> have to be the same as your actual user account/login name.
> So, you could use something like
> "+AccountingGroup="group_vcs.sassy_natan" to avoid the problem.
> Your experience does raise some possible RFEs that have been previously
> discussed:
> 1) Supporting a separate delimiter character between the group name and
> the user name
> 2) Allowing an admin to require the user name in the accounting group to
> match the user name of the account the associated job was submitted
> from.
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