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Re: [Condor-users] Need to specify execute directory instead of dir_XXX

Ahh, I was afraid someone would ask that question.

I'm using PEST (http://www.pesthomepage.org/Highly-parameterized_inversion.php)
to calibrate our 1D numerical model of the Delta. PEST has a form of
parallelization to spin off its 1st derivative calculations on other
machines in the LAN...like Condor. But PEST's setup is very primitive
compared to Condor. In particular, the master program has to know the
full network path of each slave machine's calculation directory,
because it uses files to signal between master and slaves.  Also, to
start the slaves on each machine, it expects the user to go to each
machine, start a command window, and start the slave program by hand.
This latter job can be done under Condor, but then I need to know the
execute directory.

Perhaps specifying the execute directory name could be an option in a
future version of Condor.


> I don't think you can control that name. Why does the application need to
> know? If it just needs to know the Cwd for the running jobs you can control
> that with initial_dir on submission. The dir_XYZ can be thought of as just a
> scratch space for the job.
> Best,
> matt