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[Condor-users] CCB almost but not quite working for me.

Hi All,

I'm trying to add some compute nodes running within our
(nat'ed) OpenStack cloud to our Condor pool on our public network.

I've configured then to use the central-manager as their ccb host and
that gets them listed in the pool and they get matched to jobs, but
what I'm seeing is after the get offered the match by the central
manager the send a burt of UDP packets out to the CCB host (the
central manager) which I can see both on the nat'ed openstack node and
on the destination host  but there is no response back that I can see.

networking on the openstack site is wide open in allow all mode
(though if that were the problem I'd expect to see somehting from the
ccb host side trying to get through, which I dont)

The only configuration I've done is:


Which I think is all I need, well except that it's not quite working.

I feel like I've missed something obvious and hopefully that's the
case, if it's not I can provide class ads and tcpdumps or whatever...