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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with UID_DOMAIN

Related question: is setting a macro to the empty string the same as leaving
it undefined?  Or is there a specific way to undefine a macro?


"An administrator can also leave UID_DOMAIN undefined. This will force
Condor to always run jobs as user nobody."

So I'd like to be able to undefine it in condor_config.local, without
messing with the global condor_config which defines it to $(FULL_HOSTNAME)

It depends. Some macros have a default when left undefined, others do not. UID_DOMAIN defaults to FULL_HOSTNAME which only matches one host, so any jobs coming from or going to other hosts will run as nobody. Leaving it undefined, in this case, is the same as leaving it empty or setting it to something non-existent. You can check the behavior using condor_config_val UID_DOMAIN.