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[HTCondor-users] cannot run maya job on condor

Hi there:

This is in continuation with Felix Ulber 
[HTCondor-users] Execute jobs as a certain user / probmens being "nobody" email for finding a solution for the following error

Starting "/dfs/nas/tools/thirdparties/prod/linux/maya/maya2013sp2-x64/bin/maya"
*** Fatal Error: Failed creating directory: /maya
Maya could not create the necessary startup directories.
Please check for sufficient disk space and necessary write permissions.

Here is my simple submit file

universe = vanilla
initialdir = /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test
executable = /bin/bash
log = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/jobs.log
output = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/output/output.$(process).log
error = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/error/error.$(process).log

arguments = -l -e rez-run maya_nbam -- "Render -s 1 -renderer sw -proj /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test -rd /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test/image -pad 4 -of name.#.ext sphere_anim.ma"

rez run set all the environment variables - running the same command(/bin/bash -i -e ...) from the command line works fine ..???