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Re: [HTCondor-users] best way to use cached data

On 12/9/2012 11:36 PM, John Wong wrote:

I tried to run a script to read a file on the slave machine, but condor
couldn't read it even if it has full privilege. I think condor runs
every job in an isolated environment?

Overall, I think Ian Chesal's recent post gave good advice (as usual, thanks Ian!) on how to accomplish what you want.

But I wanted to give a quick response on the "condor runs every job in an isloated environment" question above. HTCondor may run the job as a different user than the submit user, but I think you were already aware of that. So as Ian implies, if Job A leaves files behind in /tmp that are world-readable than a subsequent job can read them, *but* only if you are not sandboxing directories like /tmp via the spiffy MOUNT_UNDER_SCRATCH knob that appeared in HTCondor v7.7.x and works on RHEL 5.x Linux and newer systems. By default, I don't think anything in the filesystem gets sandboxed beyond having the current working directory of the job in its own private space, but if you for instance have
in your config file, then each job has its own private "/tmp" that is destroyed when the job completes.