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Re: [HTCondor-users] cannot run maya job on condor

Hi there:

Adding 'getenv = True' to the submit file resolved the problem (( condor_submit will copy all of the user's current shell environment variables at the time of job submission into the job ClassAd. The job will therefore execute with the same set of environment variables that the user had at submit time)


From: "Biju Ramachandran" <bramachandran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "condor" <htcondor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 10:31:58 AM
Subject: [HTCondor-users] cannot run maya job on condor

Hi there:

This is in continuation with Felix Ulber 
[HTCondor-users] Execute jobs as a certain user / probmens being "nobody" email for finding a solution for the following error

Starting "/dfs/nas/tools/thirdparties/prod/linux/maya/maya2013sp2-x64/bin/maya"
*** Fatal Error: Failed creating directory: /maya
Maya could not create the necessary startup directories.
Please check for sufficient disk space and necessary write permissions.

Here is my simple submit file

universe = vanilla
initialdir = /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test
executable = /bin/bash
log = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/jobs.log
output = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/output/output.$(process).log
error = /dfs/nas/prod/rendering/jobs/20121207/20121207_17h_51m_31s_sdelhomme_maya/error/error.$(process).log

arguments = -l -e rez-run maya_nbam -- "Render -s 1 -renderer sw -proj /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test -rd /prod/rendering/jobs/maya_render_image_test/condor_test/image -pad 4 -of name.#.ext sphere_anim.ma"

rez run set all the environment variables - running the same command(/bin/bash -i -e ...) from the command line works fine ..???

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