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Re: [Condor-users] setting up condor pool

That helps, but unfortunately I am not quite there yet. It would be helpful if someone were to talk me through some of these details. So far it looks like there are three possible ways to modify the classad for a machine.

- condor_config_val
- condor_advertise
- use a daemon classad hook

Am I correct in assuming that all 3 do the same thing?

It looks like I've successfully set the value of the classad attribute on my machines. 'condor_config_val <attribute_name>' gives me the value I expect.

But condor_status does not agree with this. When I type 'condor_status -long' the output is classads for all my machines but the <attribute_name value> pair is not set.

Are these two commands talking about two different aspects of the machine? Sorry about the repetition but this is not making too much sense.


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> I then restarted all my condor daemons and tried this...
> ld-chhfe01:/home/spervez1/condor.ld-chhfe01 $ bin/condor_config_val -rset
> "filenames:1" Successfully set configuration "FILENAMES:1" on master
> ld-chhfe01.citadelgroup.com <>.
> ld-chhfe01:/home/spervez1/condor.ld-chhfe01 $ bin/condor_config_val
> filenames   Not defined: FILENAMES

It seems like you may want to look into the "Daemon ClassAd Hooks" in Condor.
Look in the manual:




Hope this helps,


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