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Re: [Condor-users] submit node behind the firewall

On 6/13/2012 10:17 AM, Poornima Pochana wrote:

I have installed condor 7.8 and configured it to be a submit node
pointing to a collector which is on a separate vm. The submit node is
behind a firewall and for now only outbound connections are being

To establish inbound connections to my submit node from the central
manager and exec nodes, is where I kindly need your suggestions. I have
read section 3.7 of condor manual for reducing port usage with
‘condor_shared_port’ daemon. Is this the way to go about, so that I
limit the port requests to be allowed for condor? Can I have CCB enabled
on a node which is just a submit node?


Hi Poornima -

If I read the above correctly, you have no firewalls between all the execute node(s) and the central manager node, but you do have your submit machine behind a firewall. Thus I believe all you need to do is insert the following in the condor_config of your submit machine to enable CCB:
   PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME = some.network.name
then restart Condor on your submit node... you only need to enable CCB on your submit node.

I do not think you do not need to bother with the condor_shared_port daemon or do anything to your firewall because your execute nodes are not fire-walled. CCB is all you need if just your submit machine is firewalled (your case), or just your execute machines are firewalled... you only need to do something more than CCB alone if you have your submit machines AND your execute machines behind different firewalls.

hope the above helps, and hope I understood your setup correctly,

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