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[Condor-users] /opt/condor/hosts/node003/execute/.../condor_exec.exe error



I have condor 7.74 version




-> are my folder for execution nodes configuration


This version change automatically the permission to /opt/condor/hosts/node00X/execute folder from 777 to 755. When the permission is 777, I don't have problem.., but the system change this permission automatically and therefore, my jobs fails.


The errors are:


/opt/condor/hosts/node003/execute/dir_5079/condor_exec.exe: line 34: cd: /ucjobs/aac82026-0125-47a3-8a57-1610bbcc5609/: No such file or directory

/opt/condor/hosts/node003/execute/dir_5079/condor_exec.exe: line 38: /ucjobs/aac82026-0125-47a3-8a57-1610bbcc5609//UNICORE_SCRIPT_EXIT_CODE: No such file or directory


"node003" is the node that in this case changed permission from 777 to 755

/ucjobs/ -> is  the job working directory.


Could anybody help me please?. Thanks very much!.