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Re: [Condor-users] Poll for changing job notification

+1 for error

>From someone who submitted 10,000 jobs recently and forgot to set error!



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On 6 Nov 2012, at 23:31, "Nathan Panike" <nwp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Condor community:
> At yesterday's Condor development meeting we discussed changing the the
> default job notification.
> Currently, the default is that when a job completes, an email is sent to
> the user notifying her of the completion event.  We discussed changing
> the default to "Error", so that a notification would be sent when an
> error condition occurs, or even "Never", so that a user would need to
> explicitly ask for notification. (My personal preference is for "Never")
> I am polling the Condor community to ask their feelings about this
> change.  If you have strong feelings about receiving email from Condor
> about your jobs, let me know.
> This change would be going into the 7.9 (development) series, not the
> 7.8 series.
> Nathan Panike
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