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Re: [Condor-users] not seeing Windows 7 CPUs

Quoting "Ziliang Guo" <ziliang@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

The only thing that comes to mind (assuming the Condor installs across all
machines are the same version) is whether the CONDOR_HOST, ALLOW_WRITE, and
ALLOW_READ options have been set correctly on the machines in question and
whether there are differences in what a machine thinks is the domain/full
hostname of other machines and what is entered in the above knobs.

CONDOR_HOST (manager's domain name), ALLOW_WRITE (domain name), and ALLOW_READ (*) were the same on the different client machines, but I tried changing the CONDOR_HOST to the manager's IP address and ALLOW_WRITE to *, and restarted with no change in the status listing.