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[Condor-users] Hold reason: Permission denied (errno 13)

Dear friends,

I have just installed Condor in Ubuntu 11.10 (using the debian package to install it) to use it with Globus Toolkit. I installed it in a machine that is the Globus server and will be as well the Condor manager and at the same time the only machine to accept and run the jobs (it is just for testing purposes).
Every time I submit a job with the globus-job-submit it is accepted by Condor but it remins always in held. If I use the -analyze option in condor_q command this is the reason I get:

"Hold reason: Error from server-Dell: Failed to open '/home/server/.globus/.gass_cache/local/md5/c2/....../data'as standrd error: Permission denied (errno 13)"

If I try to submit a job with the condor_submit command I get the same reason:
"Hold reason: Error from server-Dell: Failed to open 'home/server/test.out' as standar output: Permission denied (errno 13)"

I tried to look in /etc/condor/condor_config looking for any option that could help but didn't find it. What am I doing wrong? How can I give that permission? Thank you in advance!