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[HTCondor-users] Condor problem[Unable to fine dependent libraries]



I am very new to ht-Condor and I am trying to run PRISM on condor. PRISM is a java based application that contains a number of JAR files but it is also based on some shared objects (libraries with .so extension). To run prism we need to set up an environment variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH) that need to point to the location of these shared objects. Now, I don't understand where we need to store these shared objects in order to execute prism process on condor.


What I understand from reading the manual, is that we need to specify the attribute "SHOULD_TRANSFER_FILES" to YES/IF_NEEDED and any required files will be transferred on the fly if needed. Secondly I understand how to set an environment variable in the job submission file, but I am still unsuccessful to run PRISM on condor because it can't locate the shared objects. So the main questions are,


1.       Where I need to keep the shared objects on the machine from where I am submitting the job?

2.       Do I need to specify something in particular in the job submit file for shared objects?

3.       What will be value of the target environment variable? Which is in actual the path of the shared objects.





Amjad Ullah



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