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Re: [HTCondor-users] Getting started with condor_history

Check the useage of condor_history. (condor_history -help) 
notice that there are TWO command that match -f
-forward, and -file. 

betcha that your version of condor_history is matching -f to -forward
and then treating c:\condor\spool\history as restriction list. which matches nothing.


  condor_history -file c:\condor\spool\history


On 4/4/2013 5:32 AM, Rochford, Steve wrote:

I’d guess I’m doing something stupid with condor_history because it’s giving me no results!


If I type:


condor_history -f c:\condor\spool\history


then it prints headers immediately and then there’s a delay of about 10 seconds but nothing else is printed.


The file c:\condor\spool\history exists and contains about 300,000 lines of data which looks like the job history.


If I don’t give the -f parameter then it prints headers and exits immediately so it looks as if it’s finding the right file but just not finding any data to report.


This is Condor 7.8.2 running on 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2.


What am I doing wrong?



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