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[HTCondor-users] Single quotes in DAG 'VARS'

says: "Unfortunately, it is not possible to have single quote marks within
these values."

Can someone explain why this restriction is in place? I would like to do
generic passing of arguments and environment from the DAG file:

VARS J3 arguments="\"'foo' 'ba r' 'baz'\""
VARS J3 environment="\"PATH='/usr/bin/foo' FOO='bar baz'\""

But dagman rejects this:
01/18/13 10:10:35 test.dag (line 10): single quotes are not allowed in values.

and if I try changing ' to \' then I get:
01/18/13 10:11:17 test.dag (line 10): Unknown escape sequence "\'"

There doesn't seem to be any generic issue with macros containing single or
double quotes.  For example, if I write directly into the submit file:

foo = "'foo' 'ba r' 'baz'"
Arguments = $(foo)

then this is processed correctly. It's just I can't define this macro using
VARS in a DAG.