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Re: [HTCondor-users] How use less ports

Dan Bradley <dan@...> writes:

> On 7/8/13 2:22 AM, Romain wrote:
> > Dan Bradley <dan <at> ...> writes:
> >
> >> CCB should not be required in your situation if you can open a
> >> sufficiently large outbound port range on the submit machines. That's
> >> the simplest thing to do.
> > Thank you Dan for your response.
> >
> > Ok so on submit machines I have to open (outbound) the range port I 
> > with HIGH_PORT and LOW_PORT (+ the SHARED_PORT), is it that?
> > And if I want to use less ports than that, I have to use CCB?
> Yes.  To reduce outbound port usage on the submit machine, configure the 
> execute nodes to use CCB.
> --Dan

Ok Thank you.

All problems about firewall and ports are solved I can run my job now.

One problem was that BioLinux containing UFW system (Uncomplicated FireWall) 
and it has rather complicated things because there's a default rules that is 
not good that block communicaion of HTCondor. 

So now I'm going to find a solution to limit the memory use of desktop 
machines to avoid their crashes.

Goodbye. Have a nice day.