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[HTCondor-users] Users priorities problem

 I build a pool of computers on which I installed Condor V 7.8.8.
In the pool there are roughly 50 computers. 
For the easiness of the explanation let's assume that there are 100 cores.
I hit the next problem:
2 users want to run simulations in the same time.
User A : effective priority 8.0
User B: effective priority 2.0
User A starts the simulation and occupies 97 cores.
User A has 400 jobs, each of them taking about 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes User B starts the simulation. 
User B has also 400 jobs each of them taking about 5 minutes.
User B gets 3 cores.
After 15 minutes User B has still 3 cores.
User B do not get more than 3 cores until User A finish its simulations.
1) Can I do something that User B, which has better priority, to take more cores immediately after one job for User A is finished. With other words, if a core used by User A is released, be be taken by User B, even if User A still has jobs to run? 
2) I tried to reset the priorities: 
condor_userprio -resetall
Nothing happened. I could only modify the priority factor . Even if the displayed message was
"The accumulated usage was reset for all users"
3) I tried also 
condor_userprio -setprio userA 0.5
The message I get is 
The priority of userA was set to 0.500000
but when I check the results with condor_userprio I still get the old priority.
All the best,