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[HTCondor-users] Troubles with KeyBoardBusy function


I'm new on Condor and I need some help. I work on Ubuntu 12.04 with HTCondor v7.8.7 in a pool test of 3 machines. I work with Vanilla Universe for the time 

I would like to use the Console/KeyboardIdle/Busy in order to use it on Desktop machine (not server machines) to suspend running job if a user came back.

- Can we use these functions with Vanilla Universe ?

I test with default parameters with UWCS_* policy, but jobs are not stop by these policy. So I try to change it and make this : "UWCS_SUSPEND = $(KeyboardIdle)" simply. But it don't stop too.

- Somebody have a solution for me ?

Ideally if a user came back I would give him 1 processor, in order to continue execute 3 jobs (for a quad core machine) and if the user need more I give hime 1 processor more etc...

Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)

Have a nice day