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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor Command Line Installation

that was complaining?  was it the installer?

Can you show us the command line that you are using in the .bat file to invoke the installer
and the full output showing the error messages in context?


On 1/17/2014 5:27 AM, daniel popu wrote:

Up to HTCondor version 8.0.3 I was using installer in a ".bat" file providing all the inputs it needs in command line.
After installation I was copping the right config file and everything was just fine.
I took the command line parameters from the help document.
When I tried to do the same with 8.0.5 it complained that
Could not access network location
The same for the parameter
For the moment, since I am any way overwriting the config file I comment the lines specifying the above 2 command line parameters.
1) What is the problem with POOLHOSTNAME and ACCOUNTINGDOMAIN ?
2) Is my solution OK?
3) If my solution is not OK, what can I do to make it work?
All the best,
Daniel Popu

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