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Re: [HTCondor-users] Limiting preemption based on composition of running jobs

Hi Vlad,

Sorry, but I canât think of any pragmatic way to do this.

The non-pragmatic way I can think of is to have an attribute in each startd ad containing the # of long-running jobs in the system (and the attribute updated via startd cron).  This sounds like a potential scalability nightmare though!


> On Jul 1, 2015, at 7:57 AM, Vladimir Brik <vladimir.brik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am having trouble configuring a preemption policy that is based on the number running jobs that match some criteria.
> Basically, I'd like to have a limit on the number of long-running jobs without using accounting groups or custom slots. The part I am having trouble with is how to express "preempt only when there are more than 400 jobs that have been running for more than 12 hours" in PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS.
> Is what I am trying to do possible?
> Thanks,
> Vlad
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