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Re: [HTCondor-users] change to condor_submit - user feedback desired! (was Re: multiple condor_submit's - one cluster)

There is now a design document here
That describes our proposed improvements to the Queue statement for condor_submit.

We plan to have (most?) of this working for the 8.3.5 release.


On 2/6/2015 10:00 AM, Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
On 2/6/2015 9:04 AM, Krieger, Donald N. wrote:
Hi Todd,

Thanks for posting back with the answers. It's very helpful.

My problem is that the names I'm using for the log files step through
a sequence of strings rather than a sequence of numbers. And I have a
downstream management routine that uses those names which I would
have to alter if I changed the naming sequence.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the above explanation. Indeed, $(Process) is great in your submit files, but only if your data files are numerically sequenced!

Perhaps we could create a general solution in condor_submit that addresses the above and yet would still a) allow all the submits to happen at once into one cluster and b) not require the user to know how to write scripts.

I listed a couple brainstorm ideas below that would be relatively easy to implement. Do folks think that either of the below be helpful? Would love to hear any feedback, alternative ideas.


Some brainstorm ideas:

1. A "queue foreach <filepattern>" command. Folks could then have submit files that look like this:

    input = $(file)
    output = $(file).output
    queue foreach data/*.csv

So for each file in subdir data that ends in .csv, a job would be submitted and $(file) would expand to the path to the file.


2. A command line option to condor_submit that tells it to read stdin, and to do a submit for each stdin line, substituting each line from stdin with $(input_line). Folks could then have submit files that look like this:

   input = $(input_line)
   output = $(input_line)

and invoke condor_submit via lines like:

   ls data/*.csv | grep foo | condor_submit -submit_per_line

Comments? Other ideas?
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