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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 8.2.10 Released

Will do. I create a ticket as appropriate.


On 11/02/2015 08:41 AM, Brian Bockelman wrote:
On Nov 2, 2015, at 8:35 AM, Michael V Pelletier <Michael.V.Pelletier@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"HTCondor-users" <htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 11/02/2015 09:08:42 AM:

From: Brian Bockelman <bbockelm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 11/02/2015 09:11 AM

Hi Svein,

Itâs highly discouraged to add the âcondorâ user to external databases
anyway: this can cause problems in starting up HTCondor (particularly, if
the condor or other services are started prior to availability of said database).

Instead, itâs best to treat this like user ânobodyâ or âhttpdâ:
automatically installed or allocated by the system.

Can you provide a bit more explanation as to why you want to have condor
in the external user DB anyway?



PS - RHEL / Fedora have the ability to reserve static UID/GID for a
particular system user.  HTCondor should really do that, but I donât think
anyoneâs followed up on that yet...
Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid assigns "64" to the "condor" user and group,
as documented in /usr/share/doc/setup-*/uidgid, so that's what I used for my
pools' condor accounts on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS when installing
UWM's HTCondor package.

Having the central account means that the RPM install doesn't try to
use an arbitrary UID and GID which might vary from system to system.

A number of the systems are also configured as diskless with NFS root
file systems so stuff owned by the "condor" user shows up on shared
directories and having the centrally-defined user insures that those
files will be recognizable anywhere.

Yup - thatâs the primary reason why youâd want to do a reserved UID.

In fact, I just checked in Fedora,


and sure enough, condor is reserved as 64.  However, this must have been specific to the RedHat-produced RPM: checking the UW build, I donât see it taking advantage of this.

TimT - can you look into this?


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