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Re: [HTCondor-users] Help on running HTCondor as root

so, since also /bin is under cvmfs here, and hence under parrot, the system needs to start as root in order to build a working system (see uCERNVM documentation). once I am root, parrot forbids setuid execs to run, so I can only stay root.
the cms sw has no problem with that, it runs happily. it seems instead htcondor is not happy. please note you are root in a parrot + cvmfs ,ÂÂÂÂÂ so not really a powerful root. you can hardly screw up the system in the container, let alone the host one.


Il 16/ott/2015 17:36, "Greg Thain" <gthain@xxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
On 10/16/2015 07:58 AM, Tommaso Boccali wrote:

I am experimenting an opportunistic workflow for CMS, in which condor starts in a docker container using uCERNVM + Parrot.
basically, the image contains just the kernel, and also /usr, /bin etc are provided via CVMFS via Parrot.
One of the limitations of this environment is thas setuid commands do not work (trapped by Parrot), so eventually you are root and cannot become any other user.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but can you start Condor as a non-root user?


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