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[HTCondor-users] condor_q: status "S" missing in the manuals?


My htcondor version on linux master is 8.3.6. The nodes are Windows 7 PCs.

I get a status of "S", which is not documented in the manual pages:

$ condor_q

-- Submitter: condor : <123.456.789.12:55180?addrs=123.456.789.12-55180> : condor
 ID      OWNER     SUBMITTED     RUN_TIME ST PRI SIZE CMD               
 589.0   peter    10/18 12:39   0+00:15:15 S  0   7.3  prog.exe

$ man condor_q


          Current  status of the job, which varies somewhat according to the job universe and the timing of updates. H = on hold, R
          = running, I = idle (waiting for a machine to execute on), C = completed, X = removed, < = transferring input (or  queued
          to do so), and > = transferring output (or queued to do so).

The status S is not explained. Is the manual page incomplete?

The status S is also not explained on the HTCondor webpages:


Should the status S be added here?