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in conjunction with the 9th IEEE/ACM Utility and Cloud Computing Conference (UCC)Â
Tongji University - Shanghai, China, December 6-9, 2016Â


Paper submission due: August 28, 2016Â
Notification of acceptance: September 15, 2016Â
Final camera-ready papers due: September 21, 2016Â
Workshop celebration: December 6-9, 2016 (TBD)Â
Attendees to CloudAM must register for the main conference UCC2016Â


Submissions at: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cloudam2016Â

CloudAM2016 workshop invites authors to submit original and unpublished work.Â
Papers should not exceed 6 pages IEEE style (single-spaced 2-column text using 10-point size type on A4 paper).Â
Authors should submit a PostScript (level 2) or PDF file that will print on a PostScript printer.Â

Submission requires the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper.Â
All selected papers for this workshop are peer-reviewed and will be published in IEEE Xplore.Â
Selected (extended) papers should be invited to submit to a high quality Journal special issue.Â


Cloud computing, virtualization and virtual (eScience) applications are currently hot topicsÂ
and have been generating substantial interest in the community, and it is anticipated that thisÂ
interest will expand. It is also important to the research community as it is challengingÂ
traditional methods by its sheer size and high level of automation. Clouds must provideÂ
appropriate levels of performance to large groups of diverse users, and those cloudsÂ
are accessed through virtualized wide area networks. Management systems are essentialÂ
for that and thereby for the future success of the cloud paradigm. New systems, methods, andÂ
approaches for cloud, virtualization and (eScience) applications management are to be discussedÂ
at this workshop.Â

For the CloudAM 2016 workshop, researchers from Clouds and (eScience) Applications communitiesÂ
are encouraged to submit and present original work to be considered for publication.Â
Overall topics of interest include but are not limited to:Â

* Cloud computing environmentsÂ
* Cloud service orchestrationÂ
* Cloud APIs and usage controlÂ
* Cloud data managementÂ
* Cloud scalable monitoringÂ
* Cloud load balancingÂ
* Multi-cloud/Inter-cloudsÂ
* Customer cloud managementÂ
* Managing data centersÂ
* Management as a serviceÂ
* Management of virtual slicesÂ
* *aaS ManagementÂ
* Application and Management PortalsÂ
* Cloud schedulingÂ
* Hybrid cloudsÂ
* Fog computingÂ
* Cloud case studiesÂ
* Cloud surveys and taxonomiesÂ
* Social cloudsÂ
* Accounting and economic models for cloudsÂ
* Managing cloud servicesÂ
* Management of virtualized hardware resourcesÂ
* Network-specific mechanisms for optimized cloud accessÂ
* Performance modeling & evaluationÂ
* QoS/QoE management in the cloudÂ
* Management tools for infrastructure virtualizationÂ
* Automated resource slicingÂ
* Integration of the wireless and optical domainsÂ
* Policy driven service/resource life-cycle managementÂ
* Applications and services enabled by virtualized infrastructureÂ
* Optimization of data center and workload energy consumptionÂ
* Green cloud computingÂ
* Scientific workflows on cloudsÂ
* Mobile cloudsÂ
* Big data / complex event processing in the cloudÂ
* Autonomic cloud computingÂ
* Cloud - IoT/Smart Cities integrationÂ


Workshop Co-Chairs:Â
* Bruno Schulze - LNCC, BR, schulze@xxxxxxxÂ
* Luiz Bittencourt - UNICAMP, BR, bit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxÂ
* Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz, UNIZAR, ES, rafaelt@xxxxxxxxxÂ


*Ashiq Anjum - Univ. of Derby, UKÂ
*Antonio Gomes - LNCC, BRÂ
*Claudio Geyer - UFRGS, BRÂ
*Craig Lee - Aerospace CorporationÂ
*Daniel Batista - USP, BRÂ
*David Abramson - Univ. Queensland, AUÂ
*Edmundo Madeira - UNICAMP, BRÂ
*Ewa Deelman - USC Information Science Institute, USAÂ
*Felix Freitag - UPC, ESÂ
*Hai Jin - HUST, CHÂ
*HÃlio Guardia - UFSCar, BRÂ
*Ivan Rodero - Rutgers U., USAÂ
*Ioan Petri - Cardiff University, UKÂ
*Javier Diaz - Rutgers Univ., USAÂ
*Jose BaÃares - Unizar, ESÂ
*Josef Spillner - ZHAW, CHÂ
*Josà Luis VÃzquez Poletti - UC MAdrid, ESÂ
*Khalid Elgazzar - CMU USAÂ
*Laurent Lefevre - INRIA, FRÂ
*Luis Carlos Erpen De Bona - UFPR, BRÂ
*Luis Tomas - DCS Umea University, CHÂ
*LuÃs Veiga - INESC ID, PRTÂ
*Mariza Ferro - LNCC, BRÂ
*Marco Netto - IBM Research, USAÂ
*Michael Bauer - Univ. of Western Ontario, CAÂ
*Omer Rana - Cardiff University, UKÂ
*Rafael Ferreira Da Silva - USC information Sciences Institute, USAÂ
*Rizos Sakellariou - University of Manchester, UKÂ
*Vinod Rebello - Universidade Fed. Fluminense, BRÂ
*Wolfgang Gentzsch - The UberCloud