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Re: [HTCondor-users] Remote Submission, SCHEDD_HOST, and condor_history

> From: "Deck, William" <William.Deck@xxxxxxx>
> Date: 08/25/2016 03:03 PM
> We are currently working on consolidating 25 schedds to 1-2 schedds.  To 

> this end I have been configuring former schedds with SCHEDD_HOST set to 
> remote system and everything from a submission standpoint has been 
> as expected, e.g. condor_q correctly queries the remote host.  The one 
> issue we are running into is that the condor_history command queries the 

> local host.  Is this by design or a bug?  My expectation is that if 
> SCHEDD_HOST is set condor_history should query that host by default. 

I ran into the same situation a couple of years ago, and my solution was 
set up an /etc/profile.d alias for condor_history to something like this:
       condor_history -name `condor_config_val schedd_host`

Ugly, but it did the trick. I'm glad to hear that this will work as 
when 8.6 comes out.

        -Michael Pelletier.