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[HTCondor-users] Windows ignoring HIGHPORT/LOWPORT?

One of our customers noticed their Windows machines don't seem to be
respecting HIGHPORT/LOWPORT settings, in that the condor_startd ends
up listening on a port outside that range. This is a problem, since
the hosts are behind a firewall with port restrictions that match the

>From the StartLog:
02/12/16 10:15:20 Daemoncore: Listening at <> on TCP
(ReliSock) and UDP (SafeSock).
02/12/16 10:15:20 DaemonCore: command socket at
02/12/16 10:15:20 DaemonCore: private command socket at

The host has the following defined:
HIGHPORT = 25100
LOWPORT = 10000
(shared port is not in use. Version 8.4.3)

After a few restarts, the startd ends up listening within the desired
range. Digging through the code, I saw comments referencing
https://htcondor-wiki.cs.wisc.edu/index.cgi/tktview?tn=4711 . I'm not
sure if the behavior here is related or not. Is disabling
BIND_ALL_INTERFACES and binding to a single interface a reasonable
solution here?


Ben Cotton

Cycle Computing
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