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Re: [HTCondor-users] Windows: Non-standard installation + config path


> That's tough. I suppose you could do an ifThenElse in your global
> file, but that gets kind of messy. Something like
>     ifThenElse(FULL_HOSTNAME=?="DifferentMachine.example.com", \
>     "C:\some\other\dir\condor_config.local", \
>     "C:\condo\condor_config.local")

Thanks for this hint! I have tried further develop this concept, but
somehow cannot manage it. My idea was to have an additional environment
variable on machines with non-standard config file location. If this
variable is set, I would like to use it to define the config file,
otherwise I would fall back to the default:


LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = ifThenElse( $(CUSTOM_CONFIG) =!= Undefined,

Unfortunately, this does not work. The ifThenElse does not get
evaluated, so condor_config_val still shows me the literal "ifThenElse"
expression instead of the desired result. Can someone explain this? Is
it at all possible to use conditional clauses in config files or is this
restricted to class ads?

Thanks and best regards,