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Re: [HTCondor-users] Does RemoteWallClockTime ever change while the job is running?

Okay, scratch that - on closer examination JobCurrentStartExecutingDate is not behaving how I thought it would, and in order to work properly at the moment the _expression_ will need to use the JobCurrentStartDate.

It does not get set during the first run of the job, and when a job is held and restarted, it is set to the start date of the last run, not the current run:

JobCurrentStartDate = 1453242773
NumShadowStarts = 2
JobLastStartDate = 1453242333
JobCurrentStartExecutingDate = 1453242333

Maybe this could be a bug? Or am I misunderstanding the documentation in some way? It says it's the "time at which the job most recently finished transferring its input sandbox and began executing." So you'd think for my dummy jobs with no input transfer that would match JobCurrentStartDate.

Also, the run time _expression_ would also need to take suspension time in the current run into account rather than just a straight CurrentTime - JobCurrentStart(|Executing)Date, so it needs a bit more tweaking.


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