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Re: [HTCondor-users] qedit question

I suspect that you are thinking of this as a string value,  but you are actually setting ProjectName to a

_expression_ (the result of subtracting def from abc).   The fact the def and abc are undefined attributes

in the job ad doesn't prevent qedit from treating this as an _expression_.

If you want to set a string value, you need to wrap the value in double-quotes so that qedit knows

that you meant to set a string value rather than an _expression_.

condor_qedit <jobid> ProjectName \"abd-def\"

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Subject: [HTCondor-users] qedit question

I would like to use qedit to alter the attribute, ProjectName, under which a queued job will run.

I can change it to abc which “condor_q –long –attribute ProjectName” confirms: “qedit … ProjectName abc”

But when I try to change it to abc-def, condor_q shows it has been changed to “abc – def”, i.e. spaces have been introduced around the “-“.

I’ve tried ‘abc-def’, “abc-def”, ‘abc\-def’, “abc\-def”, all without success.



Best - Don