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Re: [HTCondor-users] System setpriority()

Hi Brian,

It looks you are interested in JOB_RENICE_INCREMENT: 


This is a machine-owner-policy totally independent from the priority in condor 
jobs. Job-priority only affects the order that your *own* jobs are considered 
in, it can't even override cross-user priority factors unless they aren't 


On Monday, March 21, 2016 05:29:42 PM Brian Candler wrote:
> I'm sure this must be in the documentation somewhere, but I can't see it.
> 'top' shows that all my HTCondor jobs are running at standard system
> priority (nice=0). Can I get condor to setpriority() to a different value?
> Searching around for this, all I can find are details of condor's own
> internal priority system and its own concept of "nice job":
> http://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/manual/current/2_7Priorities_Preemption
> .html
> AFAICs, Condor user and job priorities are arbitrary values, while the
> system niceness is between -20 and +19
> It would be sufficient to get jobs to run at a fixed higher niceness, so
> I guess I could just renice condor_master itself, but I was wondering if
> there's a better way.
> Thanks,
> Brian.
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